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Driving Directions

Getting to by car to Inverness Airport is not that difficult just as long as you know how to drive a car. If you are using the services of Inverness Airport, then it is very important that you know where it is located. If you don’t know where the airport is then there are chances that you might miss your flight. So it is extremely necessary that you know where you are supposed to go and which routes you need to take.

If you don’t know where Inverness Airport is located, then you should know that is situated around 8 miles northeast of Inverness. It is right off the A96 which is the main road which links Inverness and Aberdeen. You should take the A96 out of Inverness. When you take the A96 out of the area you will find Petty church located on your left and you will pass a wood processing factory along the way. Then you will find the road going through some wood. At the roundabout after the woods, you should take the first exit where you will find a signboard for the airport. At the next roundabout you should go straight forward and at the third roundabout you will need to take the first exit. When you reach the fourth roundabout it is necessary that you take the second exit into Inverness Airport.

If you follow these instructions you will be able to get to Inverness Airport without any problems or difficulties. It is highly unlikely that you will get confused but if you get puzzled on the way to the airport you can most definitely stop by a store and ask the clerk there for some directions. Getting to the airport by car is very easy just as long as you know the directions.

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