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Inverness Tourist Attractions

Inverness is a wonderful place of Scotland where you will find many beautiful sights. If you come here for the holidays then the first stop that you make will be at the airport. It is from Inverness Airport that your journey in Inverness will start. If you have rented a car then touring Inverness and all the nearby wonderful attractions will be easier. This way you will be able to drive around at your own pace and stop wherever you want. There are so many places to see near the airport and in Inverness itself. You will have a wonderful time. Inverness is a beautiful place and you will never forget your trip there.

The very first stop that you will want to go to is probably a restaurant. Many people get hungry after flying in the air for so long. You can end your appetite by dining at one of the amazing restaurants near the airport. There are many places where you can go to eat so you have a wide variety to choose from. The Boath House is a nice restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food. You can also go to the Restaurant at Bunchrew House Hotel or even to Chez Roux. Once you have filled your tummy you can get back into your car and start your adventure.

There are numerous nearby attractions/places to see that will catch your eyes. You can visit Culloden Battlefield which marks the historic 1746 battle site between Prince Charles and the Dukes of Cumberland. This is a great tourist attraction and many people visit it when they come here. River Ness of Inverness is a wonderful place to be. It provides a nice soothing atmosphere and is a great place for fishing especially salmon. You should definitely visit Plodda Falls. It is a beautiful sight that will fascinate you. You will never forget these waterfalls nor will you forget The Falls of Foyers if you visit them. The Falls of Foyers are another waterfall attraction of Inverness. If you want to get an educational experience as soon as you get to Inverness, then you will be happy to know that Fort George/Queen’s Own Highlanders Regimental Museum is just a little distance away. It is a great museum from which you will be able to learn many things. The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery is another museum that not only displays history but various pieces of art that are worth being admired. In this museum fine art has been combined with artifacts from a long time ago to give the visitors a nice experience.

You can also go to Inverness Leisure which is the best and largest recreational facility in the Highlands of Scotland. You will have a great time here because there are so many sports activities that can be done here. This is one of the best things that you can do as soon as you get to Inverness because it is a lot of fun. St. Andrews Cathedral is a wonderful religious site where many people come to pray when they are in Inverness. You can visit this cathedral too if you like.

You will have a wonderful time while you are in Inverness because there are so many places to see here. You will never forget your visit to Inverness. You should definitely bring your camera so you can capture all the wonderful moments that you spend there. You can purchase things from Inverness throughout your trip such as souvenirs to keep as a memento. You should book your trip to Inverness as soon as possible.